Monday, January 12, 2015

Buy Items!

The Paper Button Studios is now Lemuette!

You can still find repurposed vintage button items here: until they are totally sold out.  I am no longer making new items but am still listing the remaining inventory.

You can purchase collages from my 365 project here:

You can purchase buttons and vintage items here:

All of my woodblock prints can be purchased at
This is my main Etsy shop now and my only focus. Printmaking all the way!
Follow me and printmaking progress on Instagram at @Lemuette and on Facebook

Thanks for enjoying my work!
This is my final post for this blog.

Happy 2015 and beyond!
Kari McDonald

Monday, October 06, 2014

New Directions


Most of you have heard through my email updates and at my recent shows that I will no longer be making my vintage repurposed vintage button jewelry and accessories. I am simplifying all that I do as an artist and have been wanting to focus on my printmaking for a long time. And that time has come!

This past weekend I did my very last craft show at Edgebrook - Cider N' Cinnamon. It's always been a great show. It was actually my very first show as The Paper Button back in 2010 so it was very fitting to have my last craft show at that location. It was a great weekend despite the very cold and windy weekend. So thanks to those who braved the cold to see me for the last time. Now of course, I have a lot of inventory left over. So all of it will be placed in my online shop at on clearance price!

THANK YOU for being great customers and following me around to all my shows to buy my fun button items. I am very excited to pursue my printmaking efforts now that I have my own studio. On January 1st, 2015 The Paper Button Studios will no longer exist! I will be changing my business name to Lemuette and selling my new prints online at You can also follow my printmaking progress on Instagram at @Lemuette

Salt Cellar Ring Boxes: Normally $34-$50 Now only $20-$25!
Vintage Button Necklaces: Normally $34-$44 Now only $20!
Brooch Pins: Normally $18-$20 Now only $10!
Button Rings: Normally $10 Now only $5!
Magnet Packs: Normally $15 Now only $10!
Cuff Links: Normally $15 Now only $5!
Bracelets: Normally $28 Now only $15!
FREE surprises will be included in orders of 3 items or more!

Sale ends December 31st, 2014

Check it all out at

Monday, March 31, 2014

Collages: Buy Two Get One FREE!

Hello there Spring...

It's just about to warm up and summer will hit soon. I'm very excited for this as it has been a very long and super cold winter. I'm sure you feel the same way!

Head on over to my Print Shop and get yourself some collages to spruce up those walls this spring! I've got about 40 collages listed right now and plan to get all 300+ in there. I will be listing more each week and in the order in which they were made. If there is a collage you would like a giclee print made of, I do offer limited edition of prints of my collages for $30. A very small selection will be made available through my shop, but I am willing to take requests for these prints. You can see my entire project on Flickr HERE

Buy two original collages and get one free! Place all three collages in your cart and use the coupon code "BOGOCollages14" for the $75 discount. Shop Now!

Thanks for enjoying my artwork!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vintage Items on Sale and They MUST Go

I'm clearing out my studio of all vintage items!

2014 is the year I turn my focus to my printmaking. I love this form of art making and I am excited to put forth 100% of my efforts towards using the degree I earned in college. How often does that happen with an art degree?!

In the meantime, you can shop my vintage items at to find many collectibles, retro pieces, and many vintage buttons. If you spend $25, then you will get $5 off by using the code "PURGE14".

Thanks for being awesome supporters of my work in the past 5 years. I don't want to spread myself to thin with all these "distractions" so it's time to focus!

I am also purging my old prints to make room for new ones. If you would still like some of my old prints, you can get them on Saturday, January 25th 10am-4pm at the ArtWorks Studio Clearance Show at the Waukesha Expo Center, 1000 Northview Road, Waukesha, WI. After that show, whatever is left I will put in my print shop at


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One of A Kind Show a Success!

My husband Jordan and I had a blast in Chicago last week selling my repurposed vintage button jewelry and accessories at the One Of A Kind Show and Sale at the Merchandise Mart! It was a successful show so we are doing it again next year in December 2014. *** Will not participate in 2014 - See note below ***

This year was the first time Jordan really got to experience the selling aspect of my job as an artist. He had fun selling my stuff, which made me feel good. This also gave me a break every once in a while. In some respects, I think he sold better than I did. Probably because I've been doing this for many years and have grown a little tired of the same stories and questions from customers. Jordan brought a new energy to my booth and he had great suggestions and changes to my setup. Husbands know best!

Occasionally, our breaks included going down to the Artist Lounge and taking naps on the couch. Once I forgot to leave my cash with him and suffered a $4 loss on a sale - not terrible at all. Once I took a nap with my head on our food cooler underneath the table - that was fun listening to stories and sales transactions. Often times we would eat our meals under the table too. I don't like to eat in front of customers at this kind of show.


 We kept track of quotes we heard from customers at this show to see what we could improve on, alter, and laugh at later. Here are a few of them - some of them have nothing to do with buttons:

1. "I'm kinda a button freak"
2. "Can't spend too much right now, just got here"
3. "This is stuff I swore I wouldn't buy"
4. "Roberta! Come here. These are the best thing in the show!"
5. "These are WHAT?!"
6. "Oh my gosh, I have to have one!"
7. "Something cute to keep your cocaine in"
8. "It smells like cotton candy but I'm getting flashbacks of Chuck E Cheeses"
9. "I like unique and affordable"
10. "I call my granddaughter 'Button'"
11. "You have taken the buttons to a new level"
12. "We were just talking about Rockford"
13. "Buttons are really a nice piece of art"
14. "Very Hunger Games"
15. "There's no such thing as too much garlic"
16. "These are unbelievable"
17. "It's so cute I can't pass it up"
18. "Now I know what I'm going to do when I retire"
19. "Your booth looks so nice - clean and artsy"
20. "So, you're the button man."

Thanks for shopping at The Paper Button Studios!!
*** Since I've decided to focus my energy on my printmaking endeavors, I decided to NOT participate in the OOAK show 2014. Please visit me on October 4-5th at Cider N' Cinnamon at Edgebrook Shopping Center in Rockford, IL for my last show that features my repurposed vintage button jewelry and accessories!***

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Collages Listed on Etsy!

My collages are now available in my print shop!

Stop by and check out the listings of giclee prints of my collages. These are high resolution prints of my original collages and I must admit that they kinda freak me out how real they look, especially the collages that had sewn elements on them. More will be listed in the coming days and weeks. If you have a favorite that you do not see listed in my shop, please send me a request! You can check out the entire collection on Flickr

Happy art shopping!

You can also check out my interview with Noah Scalin, author of 365: Daily Creativity Journal, about finishing my 365 project HERE

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

365 - The Show is FINALLY here!

I'm so excited for this show! It will be an exciting end to a loooonnnggg project.

I'm very thankful for all of my close friends and family members who have been patient with me over the past two years+ while I ditched parties, missed get togethers, stayed up way too late, responded agitatedly when asked how the project was going, grumbled at the sight of other artwork, and kept putting off my printmaking work just to work on these collages. That is all over with now. Thank you for bearing with me and for encouraging me.

I now have a huge collection of designs, ideas, concepts, and content to work with for my printmaking endeavors.  It's also an incredible body of work to brag about! Some ideas didn't work, some were excellent, and some still need some tweaking. Overall, this project has been a helpful "sketchbook" to get all my experimentation out and try things I've always wanted to try. Alphabet animals, blind contour drawings filled in with gouache and paper, and sewn designs on paper with thread are a few things I've always wanted to experiment with.

I definitely learned that I am not cut out to do something every day consistently. I have to do whatever comes to mind when it comes to mind. However, it was excellent to be forced into making something everyday... well almost every day. This process forces you to think differently, come up with something new, and sometimes just put crap down on the paper until it looks good. Setting deadlines on a personal level isn't enough for me. I had to set a date for an exhibition of all 365 pieces in order to force me to make them all. Otherwise this project would probably have lasted 5 years or I never would have finished. The personal goal that was fulfilled, however, was actually completing the project. And completing something this huge is such an incredible feeling of accomplishment and a morale booster as an artist. I'd recommend any artist to attempt a 365 project of their own - it's not easy - but it's an amazing feeling when it is finished!

My friends at Rockford Art Deli are setting up all the collages on the one big wall without me. So when I walk into that gallery space for the first time, I think I'm going to just lose it. All that hard work, all that time, displayed on one wall for everyone to see gets me all choked up just thinking about it.

Come celebrate with me!!!
Friday, June 14th, 2013
Rockford Art Deli
402 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61104
RSVP on Facebook HERE

Show will be on display during regular business hours at RAD through July 10th, 2013

Special Thanks To:
My husband Jordan - your patience and love comfort me and have changed me forever
Mom and Dad Schlueter - your support of my creativity has helped me push myself beyond what I thought I would ever be
Mom and Dad McDonald - your farm house is an escape to inspiration. Don't ever let it go.
Jarrod and Britney - I've never crossed paths with people more ambitious than you. Thanks for trying something new and different with me

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Save the Date for 365 Collage Project Show!

I'm trying to stay sane as I finish up this everlasting collage project!

It started out as a daily project to keep me creative and give me something artsy and exploratory after I graduated art school in 2010. February 16th was the first day in 2011 and now it's March 16th, 2013! Over two years later I am still working them out and making these collages. Although it didn't quite stick as a DAILY project, it was definitely challenging to keep up with the work being self employed and trying to keep up my other art for selling at shows.

Friday, June 14th, 2013 
ALL ORIGINAL 365 collages will be mounted/framed and for sale!
Rockford Art Deli
402 E. State Street,
Rockford, IL 61104